Mint Leaf – The best Indian fine dining restaurant in Dubai

Indian cuisine is a gastronomic experience like no other. Offering some of the most exciting and succulent flavours known in the culinary world, Indian food takes your taste buds through an amazing adventure of spices and herbs.

Experience all that the Indian cuisine has to offer, at one of the top fine dining Indian restaurants in Dubai today – Mint Leaf.

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Experience Indian fine dining in Dubai at its best

Mint Leaf is one of the most sought after luxury Indian restaurants in Dubai today. We bring to life some of the most iconic dishes from the rich culture of India, with our own unique twist. Considered amongst the leading Indian restaurants in Downtown, Dubai, Our eclectic Indian cuisine is prepared through techniques that draw out the richest aromas and essences from our fresh traditional ingredients, thus inspiring a sense of authenticity to each culinary masterpiece.

But what truly separates the gastronomic offerings at our Indian restaurant in Dubai from others is our own unique and elegant plating style. Beyond the stellar flavours, our dishes are plated and styled with the modern flair of first class dining. Not an ounce of attention to detail is spared, to bring you dishes that look artistic and absolutely mouth-watering.


A choice for everyone, from one of the premier Indian fine dining restaurants in Dubai

Every customer has a unique individual preference when it comes to taste and flavour. That is why we are continuously expanding and improving our offerings to cater to every gastronomic adventurer. We offer spicy and non-spicy variants of popular dishes in our eclectic Indian cuisine, as well as vegetarian and non-vegetarian options.

From exotic meats and freshly caught seafood, to organic vegetables and authentic spices, we will always strive to bring together the best collection of ingredients to create new and exciting flavours.

And to top it all off, we have also gained recognition as one of the best cocktail bars in Dubai serving the finest drinks, so you can have something refreshing to enjoy your food with. From fruity drinks that deliver a pinch of zest to sweet mixes that play around your palate, we have something to satisfy your thirst.

Experience the finest from one of the best Indian fine dining restaurants in Dubai

As one of the best restaurants in DIFC, we will spare no expense in giving you a unique, Indian-infused dining experience. Whether you are looking for a place to spend ladies’ night, or just traveling to attend corporate events in Dubai, we promise a memorable time here at Mint Leaf. So if you are looking for Burj Khalifa view restaurants to have a fun night out, you know where to head out to!



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