I was there for dinner two nights back with friends and had a nice experience. The ambiance and decor is very good. The restaurant is quite spacious with an open kitchen and the furniture has a nice modern touch. The cuisine they serve is authentic North Indian with a slight modern touch. The presentation is […]

We visited Mint Leaf of London on the 25th of December on our Christmas holiday. Once we found it (it was not known by the cab driver so a tip is to direct them to emirates grand hotel it is across from the hotel). It was a beautiful setting with a view of the Burj […]

This restaurant is ideal for all occasions, from a birthday celebration to a simple evening meal. The food was familiar, with a unique take on flavour, creating a memorable experience. The location, Emirate Financial Towers, was situated ideally to give spectacular views of the glittering sky scrapers of Dubai, including Burj Khalifa. This created a […]