Dubai’s most talked about Indian restaurant, serving award winning food in a relaxed dining atmosphere…

Welcome to one of the most exclusive venues in Dubai – Mint Leaf of London, a subsidiary of Mint Leaf, London’s purveyors of fine Indian cuisine. Perched on the 15th floor of the Emirates Financial Towers, South Tower in the heart of Dubai International Finance Centre (DIFC), Mint Leaf unveils a fine selection of traditional Indian cuisine with an innovative contemporary twist that promises a truly exceptional gastronomic experience. Read More…

Experience a Unique Blend of Aroma and Atmosphere from one of the Best Restaurants in Dubai

For most fine dining restaurants, the act of dining is merely about the gustatory adventure of indulging in delicately prepared dishes to satisfy the desires of the palate. It focuses on delivering the dish in the purest manner, with little thought about the other aspects involved. While this approach is not entirely erroneous, it neglects the other elements that are at play in creating the perfect moment.

The ambience, the environment, every other aspect has a role in defining and enhancing the dining experience. Here at Mint Leaf Dubai, we take everything into consideration to make your time with us an occasion like no other. As one of the top restaurants in Dubai, we set ourselves apart from the competition with the our dedication to excellence and our attention to detail.

We believe that the culinary offering plays a central role that can be enhanced with the right atmosphere. With this in mind, we have set out to recreate dining into a wondrous spectacle that entices and indulges all the senses, fusing culinary delights with a luxurious ambience.

The Food

What truly makes us one of the best restaurants in Dubai is our tireless pursuit to create the best culinary dish to offer to our customers. We offer a diverse range of dishes and delicacies across our menu, but where we truly shine is in our Indian cuisine. If you are craving for the spice and zest of the Indian cuisine, Mint Leaf can satiate the desires of your palate.

We have highly-trained kitchen staff who are intimately familiar with the delicate art of food preparation. Each dish is prepared under the careful guidance and leadership of our world-class chef, who boasts of more than 15 years of experience working as the head chef and executive chef for widely-acclaimed establishments in the UK and India. That is why we take pride in our finely-plated Indian cuisine, which is not only a pleasure to look at, but a joy to consume as well.

So if you are looking through fine dining restaurants in DIFC for a place to wind down, come on over to Mint Leaf Dubai today and enjoy a different kind of culinary experience.



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The Location

Nestled comfortably at the 15th floor of the South Tower of the Emirates Financial Towers, our restaurant in DIFC offers a breath-taking view of the city skyline, including the towering majesty of the engineering marvel that is the Burj Khalifa.

Our spacious and luxurious interior design allows you to relax and unwind after a long day of work, with comfortable lounge chairs and a quiet atmosphere to keep you company.

Artistically-placed soft lighting completes the relaxing and intimate environment.